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Taiwan 7-ELEVEN convenience store has laid a power bank sharing station In each store, successfully achieved the second growth curve of the business.

As a 24-hour business place, 7-ELEVEN is mostly distributed in the office and residential areas, with a dense flow of people and a large proportion of stable high-frequency consumer groups. Placing a  power bank sharing station in the store meets the needs of customers to charge their mobile phones, and increases the time they stay in the store. Therefore, they have more time to browse the products and promotions in the store, promoting customers to spend money in the store.

Taiwan 7-ELEVEN convenience store is our customer. With our help, they laid a power bank sharing station in each store, successfully achieved the second growth curve of the business, and also significantly improved the main business.

Taiwan has the highest density of convenience stores in the world, with an average of about one for every 2,300 people. Therefore, 7-ELEVEN convenience stores in Taiwan have rich channel resources and merchant resources, using the network of convenience stores, their power bank sharing service soon covered 87% of the population in Taiwan, becoming the head of the power bank sharing brand in Taiwan, China.

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