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How to share the charging treasure , grasp the international market

Bajie charging has been considering product attributes, market, channels and other comprehensive factors to precisely target people: enterprises, entrepreneurs, investors and resource owners with existing APPs.


Bajie charging targets key customer groups and potential markets, and continues to develop the international market by participating in the Canton Fair, a highly efficient international trade show. Both exhibitors and buyers at the Canton Fair are well suited to Bajie charging target groups.


Combined with the results of customer segmentation, Bajie charging identifies different customer needs and develops differentiated solutions. For example, for existing APP enterprises, sharing power bank plus intelligent advertising system, conversion and new traffic, to develop new markets and customer groups, expand the scope of business, and improve the profitability of enterprises.


Shared power bank provide cell phone users with convenient charging services to solve the problem of low battery. By placing them in shopping malls, hospitals, airports, cafes and other places, users can rent and return them in a self-service way. The whole business model of the charging device is shown in the figure.


Whether it is domestic or overseas entrepreneurs, through the unattended plus distribution system, to realize the wealth opportunities for everyone. Unlike other categories, shared power bank can match the scene comprehensively, with strong commercial plasticity, wide audience and high investment-output ratio.

Bajie charging uses shared power bank, shared smart locker, shared global WiFi, shared portable energy storage, shared SOSQ system and other shared eco-products to continuously change the market consensus of the new generation through “Sharing+”, reconstruct products and business, and create new business forms.

Bajie charging, as a leading shared power bank platform focusing on sharing ecology, is a one-stop solution provider. For investors, Bajie charging is undoubtedly a key partner in building a sharing ecosystem.



Based on independent research and development, multiple advantages to help customers succeed


The number of global cell phone users is 5.44 billion, accounting for 68% of the world’s total population. The number of global Internet users is 5.16 billion, accounting for 64.4% of the total population. It is estimated that by 2027, the number of smartphone connections worldwide will reach 8 billion.


With the full recovery and strong growth of the world’s travel industry, the World Tourism Economic Trends Report (2023) published by the World Federation of Tourism Cities (WFTEC) predicts that the total number of global tourist arrivals will reach 10.78 billion in 2023. Global tourism demand will continue to release, people traveling daily charging and emergency charging is undoubtedly the urgent need to solve the problem.


Standing on the starting point of the internationalized competition of shared charging treasure, how does Bajie charging create a new leading edge? R&D technology is the core driving force of Bajie charging innovation and one of the company’s core competitive advantages.


As a national high-tech enterprise, Bajie charging has a sound R&D system with 30+ own software and hardware development engineers. Driven by technological innovation, the company has obtained 30+ international patents and 30+ international certifications, covering a number of utility model patents and software writings patents.

Shared power bank consists of charging cabinet, power bank, hardware management system, front-end software and back-end software. Based on these 5 elements, Bajie charging creates exclusive one-stop hardware and software solutions for customers with different needs.


Bajie charging cloud platform has a clear hierarchical structure, comprehensive cloud operation and cloud maintenance functions, and clear functions and structure from application layer, basic business layer, connection layer, access layer, and equipment layer, which can satisfy the various demands of users’ applications. System technology stack: front-end, back-end, basic, Bajie charging to build a professional and reliable R & D system for OEM customers escort.


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