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How to seize the overseas market for power bank sharing and usher in new growth

As a representative of the sharing economy, shared charging banks are particularly popular

overseas and have been widely copied and implemented by many foreign companies.

Compared to shared bicycles that face high overseas policy risks and high local operating costs,

the advantages of shared charging banks are more pronounced for overseas expansion.

In recent years, the sharing economy has been rapidly developing and the market size has continued to expand. The sharing economy has penetrated into various aspects of the national economy. For example, shared bicycles, shared spaces, shared umbrellas, shared charging banks, etc., have greatly facilitated our lives.

However, as a former “capital favorite” shared charging bank, after rapid development in China, it has begun to focus on overseas markets.

Shared charging banks that were born in China and caused countless discussions have begun to explore broader international markets.

Development soil for overseas shared charging bank market

Shared charging banks are already well-known in China and are a necessary artifact for people to travel. However, the overseas market for shared charging banks is quite different.

Even in technologically advanced countries like Europe and the United States, people commonly use charging stations that are installed in public areas such as subway stations and waiting rooms. These fixed charging stations require users to place their phones in charging pods, similar to lockers, for charging.

When charging their phones, users need to “separate from the phone” and lock their phones in the charging pod for charging. This requires a long time of waiting around or waiting for the phone to charge. It is very inconvenient.

According to the International Telecommunications Union ITU and GSMA Association, the world’s population has reached 8 billion at the beginning of this year.

The number of global mobile Internet users is 5.4 billion, accounting for 68% of the total population. The number of global Internet users is 5.16 billion, accounting for 64.4% of the total population. It is expected that by 2027, the number of global smartphones will reach 8 billion.

With the increasing use of mobile phones and limited battery life, mobile phone companies have not found an optimal solution technologically. With the continuous iteration and richening of mobile Internet application ecology, mobile phones are used more frequently during work and entertainment. Charging and emergency charging have become market needs.

The overseas expansion of shared charging banks will fill this market gap. With the continuous growth of global smartphone users, the high user base and frequent market needs make the overseas emerging market for shared charging banks usher in new explosions. At present, the overseas market share of shared charging banks is still low, which will provide more development opportunities for overseas shared charging bank players and create new wealth growth.

New era of shared charging bank
Looking towards the world and creating a new future

According to a report by the Japanese newspaper Nikkei, the shared charging bank brand ChargeSPOT has implemented a sharing service model that is completely similar to China’s shared charging bank model in form, content, process, and payment.

ChargeSPOT has achieved tremendous success in Japan by copying China’s shared charging bank business model and was able to obtain capital financing of 3 billion yen in 2019.

The shared charging bank model has been tested by the Chinese market and has also been implemented successfully in other developed countries such as Japan and Europe with great success.

Shared charging banks provide users with convenient access to charging stations without having to worry about fixed locations or additional fees. Users can easily take these charging stations with them on the go or return them to various places with ease for convenient use any time of day.

High frequency rental services and high consumer willingness to pay ensure continuous profits for overseas shared charging bank brands as they seek to provide sustainable returns for shareholders and dividends for investors.

For companies that want to enter the shared charging bank industry domestically or internationally, it is important to have their own resources advantages and also find a partner who can provide comprehensive solutions for shared charging bank development globally.

Bajie Charging has been engaged in overseas market since 2019 and created Malaysia’s first overseas directly operated shared charging bank brand – “Raysen”. We also provide OEM clients with localized shared charging bank software solutions for over 300 domestic and foreign enterprises with operations covering 122 countries and regions worldwide.

Our rich experience in overseas operations has enabled us to assist global enterprise clients in expanding their international market share and seize market opportunities firsthand.

Local Payment Solution

For shared charging banks to enter a local market and provide services that are commonly used and trusted by local people, it is essential to integrate with local payment methods. Without access to common payment methods, nearly 50% of customers will choose to cancel their orders.

For example, in Brazil, most local bank-issued cards cannot be used for international payments. In Germany, three out of four consumers do not prefer using credit cards for payment.

In American and Europe, credit cards have a long history of development and a complete payment system for online transactions. Currently, online payments in American and Europe are primarily made through credit cards, PayPal, and other payment methods.

Bajie Charging supports cross-regional payment solutions for multiple currencies and provides access to over 60 global and local payment channels. Customers can seamlessly integrate their preferred payment methods for selection after checkout.

Our payment options are diverse to cover the target audience as much as possible and quickly solve the problem of local payment integration efficiently.

With operations covering 122 countries and regions and rich overseas market experience, we customize software and hardware solutions for OEM clients to help them expand their local market share and seize market opportunities.

Bajie Charging leverages its resources and technological advantages to establish a comprehensive operational system for shared charging bank businesses. We provide leading solutions through product, technology, and business model output to help customers quickly launch their market and widely expand their local offline presence to become an influential shared charging bank brand in the local market.

Expanding from China to the World
Globalization of Chinese Business Models

The era of copying business models from China to the world has arrived, following the trend of Copy from China in the mobile internet era.

In the PC internet era, China mainly followed and innovated on Western countries such as the United States. However, in the mobile internet era, China has become a global leader in innovation. “India’s payment giant Paytm has leaped to become the third-largest e-wallet in the world by copying China’s Alipay.”

The sharing economy has also been highly sought after by overseas markets. Shared bicycles were initially imported into many cities around the world, but now various new forms of shared transportation such as electric scooters, electric bikes, and electric scooters have emerged. As a representative of the sharing economy, shared charging banks are particularly popular overseas and have been widely copied and implemented by many foreign companies. Compared to shared bicycles that face high overseas policy risks and high local operating costs, the advantages of shared charging banks are more pronounced for overseas expansion.

Shared charging banks are easier to achieve low-cost, high-scale wide coverage, reducing the investment risks faced by overseas entrepreneurs in the sharing field and ensuring the profitability and stability of investments.

If you want to successfully replicate the shared charging bank business model overseas, Bajie Charging is a reliable partner that can provide you with a complete set of solutions and valuable experience to support your expansion efforts.

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