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Bajie Charging’s strategic products will be launched in key airports around the world.

WX has already landed at international airports such as Fukuoka and Chubu, and in Narita, Haneda and Kansai.With a goal of expanding to 100 locations by 2023.

Bajie Charging’s strategic products will be launched in key airports around the world.

TS launches WX globally in April 2022 in conjunction with Bajie charging partner SY. For global travelers and tourism enterprises, providing international services of cross-border WiFi rental, WX will be landed in key airports in various countries around the world one after another.

WX meets the trend and reveals itself for the first time.

TS is a long-established Japanese telecommunications enterprise that has been providing telecommunications services to overseas tourists and the travel industry for 30 years, and has a large number of stable and loyal fan subscribers overseas.

It provides convenient and cost-effective cross-border telecommunication products and services for the immediate telecommunication needs of outbound travelers and business people, and have created a high-quality and convenient cross-border its platform that supports telecommunication services within Japan and in popular cross-border travel countries and regions.

In order to meet the market development needs, since 2020 TS has started to cooperate with SY to lay out strategic new products. In the same year, SY and Bajie Charging signed an in-depth cooperation agreement on the research and development and production of the whole series of WX products, and then developed a new product – WX.

WX adapts to the networks of different countries and solves the network needs of traveling users outside the country, which offers a safe, efficient, and convenient global network, safeguarding the user’s heart-saving travel.

Based on the mobile battery leasing technology and virtual SIM patent, WX combines WiFi and mobile power into one.

WX is equipped with a 5000mAh Li-ion battery, the body comes with four wires, which can power 99% of cell phones and other devices on the market, charging and self-charging are very convenient.

In a fully charged state, WX can last up to a week, to meet the networking and cell phone charging needs on our business trips or travels.

Preempting the international market and seizing the first opportunity.

WX has already landed at international airports such as Fukuoka and Chubu, and in Narita, Haneda and Kansai. In addition, the facility will be expanded to offline scenarios outside of airports, and is targeted to be installed in 30 locations by the end of the year, with a goal of expanding to 100 locations by 2023.

Depending on the resources and technical advantages, WX will rapidly penetrate the international market, integrating “technology + platform + service”, which will help WX to land in terminals all over the world in three-dimensional integration!

Chubu Centrair International Airport is the world’s first SKYTRAX 5-star regional airport.

Fukuoka International Airport is regarded as the most convenient airport in Japan, with the fourth highest passenger volume in Japan.

WX is rented and returned by users independently, the whole process does not require manual assistance. Through advanced software technology + intelligent hardware equipment, it real-time monitors the status of cabinets and charging treasure equipment, automatic inspection, multiple fault detection and testing, detects anomalies in advance, and intelligently warns, which realizes the whole process of unattended and fine-tuned hardware management.

Whether it is from technological innovation or product development, it has been unanimously recognized by partners and end customers. In the future, Bajie Charging will continue to meet the market demands, and intensify product research and development to provide partners and end-customers with better quality products.

Through technological innovation, Eight Borrowers Charging actively promotes the expansion of the field of intelligent shared power bank and joins hands with domestic and foreign partners to jointly build a better intelligent life with the interconnection of all things.

In the future, Bajie Charging will move forward with a new attitude and full of enthusiasm to provide competitive products and services for global consumers and enterprise customers with “first-class channel resources, strong technical force, excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service”, which will build a world-class electronic consumer products service ecosystem relying on the resources of the global supply chain and a huge data platform.




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