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Bajie Charging receives the industry’s Apple MFI exclusive certification

The glory of “the first in the shared power bank industry” has once again enhanced the brand influence of Bajie Charging, which allows Bajie Charging to realize the brand’s advancement step by step.

Bajie Charging receives the industry’s Apple MFI exclusive certification.

With the improvement of quality, one of the product certifications of Bajie Charging is once again at the forefront of the industry.

Bajie Charging’s products are MFI certified, which is a quality authorization from the global brand Apple manufacturer, while Bajie Charging became the exclusive MFI certified shared power bank program provider.

The glory of “the first in the shared power bank industry” has once again enhanced the brand influence of Bajie Charging, which allows Bajie Charging to realize the brand’s advancement step by step.

Quality, the spine of the brand

Product is the fundamental survival of the enterprise in the market, while the quality is to support the brand’s bottom, it is the spine of the brand.

A one percent defect is a one percent denial. Bajie Charging places a high priority on product and quality. From raw materials to finished products, we have established a strict mechanism of human inspection and machine testing. A product from raw materials to finished products, we have established a rigorous human inspection and machine testing mechanism, raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products for no less than 10 times of repeated tests and adjustments, we are responsible for the quality of each product, to ensure that each piece of product from the factory, are trustworthy and good products.

Strict production standards create the trustworthy Bajie Charging.

Bajie Charging adheres to the principle that doing one thing to the extreme is better than doing 10,000 things in a mediocre way. Bajie Charging insists on independent research and development and refined technology, who constantly improves the quality of their products.

All the work that goes into it will not be let down. Apple MFI certification can be called “the ceiling of quality“, it is also one of the most difficult to get the certification, due to the extremely harsh audit conditions, only 2% of the pass rate. After a lot of testing and auditing, the products of Bajie Charging finally obtained the MFI certification.

MFI certificate

Made for iOS, abbreviated as MFi, is a license for external accessories made by Apple Inc. to manufacturers of its licensed products. Applying for MFi certification has a high threshold, a long cycle, and a complicated process. In addition, it is necessary for manufacturers applying for product certification to go through several adjustments and calibrations of the products for which they are applying for certification.

Apple will require the applicant company to have an MFi system, and it also takes into account the company’s qualification, scale, influence, R&D capability, and supply record. And Bajie Charging can be the industry’s exclusive MFI-certified shared power bank program provider.

Safe and reliable to be trusted by users

Excellent products and high-quality service make Bajie charging quickly occupy the market from 2018, with “sincerity, fine work, fine production” quality reputation, which enjoys a good reputation in the industry.

Bajie Charging has built a globalized e-commerce channel which covers mainstream e-commerce platforms at home and abroad such as Taobao, Jingdong, Pinduoduo, Alibaba, etc., and has accumulated more than 100 million service users.

Currently, Bajie Charging has provided OEM customization service for more than 200 corporate clients. These include: Hong Kong Charge Easy, Taiwan Yoke (qiosk) and many other brands.

We have provided OME customization services for over 300 cities (New York, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, etc.) and over 200 partners overseas, including: battpoint UK, Hi Charger USA, PP2GO, U Charger, etc. We have even formed a long-term strategic partnership with battpiont UK.

Conquer heights to become new ones

Bajie Charging emphasizes on design and R&D process, which has absolute advantages in wire, charger, hardware and software configuration. And obtained Apple MFI certification, the first brand in the sharing charging industry to obtain Apple MFI certification, with peer-leading technology and quality in product development, product quality and product compatibility.

After five years of rapid development, Bajie Charging is being understood, accepted, recognized and loved by more and more consumers, and the sales growth rate is far ahead of similar products.

In the future, Bajie Charging will set sail with a new attitude and full of enthusiasm. It will take the new five-year period as a new starting point to provide competitive products and services to global consumers and corporate customers with “first-class channel resources, strong technical force, excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service”, and create a world-class service ecosystem for electronic consumer products relying on the resources of the global supply chain and a huge data platform.

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