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Bajie Charging has passed multiple audits by Alibaba.

Alibaba cooperates with nationally recognized professional factory inspection organizations, and through on-site assessment of“enterprise qualification”, “production capacity” and other 6 aspects of a total of more than 100 contents of the field assessment, the certification results of data structured back to help customers more comprehensive understanding of the strength of the enterprise.In order to help customers more comprehensively understand the strength of the enterprise, the certification results are structured back to the flow of data.

All items of “In-depth Factory Inspection” are completed on-site.If any part of the program is not completed, re-apply for audit must be re-certified in all aspects, and in the factory inspection process of the factory processing equipment and production processes for a comprehensive test.On-site inspection of the production line and the skill level of workers.To ensure that the supplier’s production quality and service quality in line with the standard.

Factual display of the factory’s operating capacity, production scale, quality management, technical level.The aim is to help customers further understand the current real production capacity of the factory and make quick decisions.

Alibaba’s in-depth factory inspection of Bajie Charging, all aspects of the detailed verification and on-site shooting, to fully grasp the actual situation of each inspected item.

In the strict and comprehensive inspection, Bajie Charging’s technical service, supply capacity, enterprise qualification and service ability have passed Alibaba’s in-depth verification and been recognized by the Alibaba platform.

The platform will form an in-depth factory inspection report, which contains 720°VR panoramic photos and videos, so that customers can examine the situation of our factory up close without leaving home.


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