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A custom case of State Grid, one of the world’s top 500 companies

Sweeper cabinets are rented through the bright code, there is no need to download the APP, with a local e-wallet to rent the bright code can be used, it is not too much to call it the most hassle-free shared charging treasure in the Southeast Asian market.

Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, said: State Grid is an internationalized enterprise with global visibility and reputation, which is crucial to promoting energy transformation and participating in global governance.

The State Grid has been awarded national sovereign credit ratings by three major international rating agencies for 10 consecutive years, continues to maintain the longest safety record of the world’s mega-grid, and has become the world’s strongest grid enterprise with the strongest transmission capacity and the largest scale of new energy connected to the grid, playing the roles of “Great Power Heavy Weapon” and “Pillar of Support”.

We are honored to have the cooperation with the world famous enterprise like State Grid, and customized the exclusive model – code scanner cabinet for them. Because it is an internal service of the enterprise, non-profit attributes; the number of employees is large, it is not applicable to open a free account.

Considering various factors, we finally finalized the State Grid Enterprise APP as the entry point for the independent deployment of hardware and software, and developed a sweeper cabinet, which only requires the internal staff of the enterprise to sweep the code with the enterprise APP, and then it can be directly rented and used without the need to go through WeChat or Alipay.

In the face of conference activities, power emergency; mobile office, charging inconvenience, etc. Bajie charging for people to create “flexible office friendly” “leisure and entertainment friendly” quality experience, at any time to meet the user’s entertainment and office needs.

State Grid’s customized cabinets and charging treasures are not only a window to show the corporate image, but also a reflection of employee care, integrating the corporate culture into the daily environment, and effectively displaying and promoting State Grid’s corporate value of “charging for a better life”.

Start by solving the problem and laying out the next growth point.

Bajie Charging was inspired by the code scanner cabinet developed for the National Grid. Currently the overseas market with APP model cabinets as the mainstream cabinets in the market, users need to download the brand APP and bind the local payment channel before they can rent the charging treasure.

For young users, downloading APP is both cumbersome and memory-consuming, and unless the user is a regular customer of the brand’s periphery, he or she will hate to uninstall the APP after using the rechargeable treasure.

What Bajie Charging is trying to do is to develop products to the heart of consumers.

Starting from problem solving, Bajie Charging launches an industry-exclusive model for the Southeast Asian market – the Sweeper Cabinet. Minimalism and the lowest exchange rate are the core highlights of this cabinet.

Bajie Charging opens up the payment channel covering the whole world, directly connects to the local e-wallet, safely, efficiently and conveniently handles the settlement of the Southeast Asian market, saves costs and has no exchange rate loss, thus realizing the lowest exchange rate.

Sweeper cabinets are rented through the bright code, there is no need to download the APP, with a local e-wallet to rent the bright code can be used, it is not too much to call it the most hassle-free shared charging treasure in the Southeast Asian market.

In recent years, the economic growth rate of Southeast Asian countries has remained at a high level, and according to Choice data, the GDP growth rate of core Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore even exceeded the global average.

The core of the Southeast Asian market usually refers to the six countries of Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam, and according to statistics, the total population of the Southeast Asian region has exceeded 600 million.

With a high percentage of young population, 23% of the population aged 13-24, it can be said that the Southeast Asian market has the youngest and most active consumers in the world.

Bajie Charging attaches great importance to the potential of the Southeast Asian market, and in 2019, we have already laid out Malaysia and landed the self-owned brand Thor, which has reached 70% coverage after three years of continuous breakout and expansion in the epidemic, and has become the local head of the shared power bank brand.

We will start from Malaysia, develop the Southeast Asian market, self-operated + OEM model in both directions, and actively expand the business, expand market share. At the same time, we will accumulate valuable international resources and improve the international competitiveness of Bajie Charging.

Bajie Charging has been in the leading position in the shared charging treasure market and enjoys international reputation, and our products are exported to 122 countries and regions. In the future, Bajie Charging will penetrate into various fields of social production and life at home and abroad, as well as continuously create representative shared products.

We hope that every product of Bajie Charging will be encountered and cared for by users.

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